Biomass and Forest Residue Harvesting and Marketing

Biomass harvesting

Industry leaders in whole tree harvesting

With the increase in biomass use across Scotland, RTS Forestry has worked with clients to maximise recovery from sites to increase their financial return and minimise restocking costs. 
Biomass harvesting

Maximum recovery from sites

We are industry leaders in whole tree harvesting, working with our joint venture partner MWH Forestry Solutions. RTS Forestry holds supply contracts for the resultant biomass material into various markets. 
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Innovate Biomass Recovery Solutions

We have undertaken hundreds of hectares of both whole tree harvesting and brash recovery from Stranraer to Wick and all points in between. This has provided clean restock sites to clients, assisted in the delivery of environmental objectives, and provided a direct income. 
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To maximise your return from your harvesting sites, contact RTS. We undertake biomass operations across Scotland and Northern England.

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