Woodfuel Supply and Contract Chipping

Woodfuel supply in Scotland

From forest to boiler

RTS Forestry is one of the original and largest woodchip suppliers in Scotland. We have been creating and supplying high quality conditioned woodchips since 2006 and have continually invested in new processing equipment, delivery vehicles and drying facilities.

RTS Forestry has the ability to control every aspect of the supply chain from the planting of the tree, right through up to delivery into boilers as conditioned woodchips. 

From our position as woodland managers we have access to guaranteed long term supplies of round timber and maintain constant stocks of over 10,000 tonnes of cut logs to feed our biomass operations. 

This gives us a unique ability to evidence our commitment to long term woodchip supply contracts.


Over 40,000 tonnes of woodchip delivered per annum

From our two main processing facilities in Crieff and Glasgow, we deliver in excess of 40,000 tonnes of woodchip per annum to public and private sector clients across Scotland. In 2017, we completed our largest investment to date in additional drying facilities and equipment, including the construction of an additional processing site. 

RTS Forestry clients range from private individuals heating their homes and utilising one or two loads of woodchip per year, to large schools, hospitals and factories, some requiring multiple daily deliveries. 

We offer a range of delivery options to suit our clients’ demand and individual access considerations; from small scale blown deliveries up to full walking floor articulated lorries. We are well equipped to serve a wide range of contracts from just a few tonnes per year to several thousand.


The highest quality of woodchips

We produce the highest quality woodchips to a range of size specifications. Quality is a particular focus of ours, maximising boiler efficiency and utilisation. RTS Forestry provides each delivered load with an individual sample record of both moisture content and woodchip size. We are registered on the Biomass Suppliers List and our company has been at the forefront of encouraging the quality standards for woodfuel through our Woodsure accreditation.

We recognise the quality of our woodchips as delivered to our clients is vital in guaranteeing maximum boiler efficiency. 

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