Woodland Contracting

Woodland creation

Establishing new woodlands across Scotland

RTS establish hundreds of hectares of new woodland every year across Scotland. Working with a landowner to deliver an outstanding new woodland is one of the most stimulating and professionally rewarding activities we undertake.
Woodland Creation

Government Support for Woodland Creation

With the Scottish government continuing to financially support the planting of trees through the Forestry Grant Scheme, there is increasing interest in the creation of new woodland areas, which can provide significant financial opportunities for landowners. 

Skilled design team

RTS Forestry's skilled forest design team utilises the latest GIS technology and aerial imagery in combination with “boots on the ground” to design the right woodland to meet the landowners’ requirements. We have extensive experience in negotiating with the government agencies and can ensure that the permissions process is delivered on time and in keeping with the site constraints and opportunities.
RTS Forestry is then able to take forward and deliver the planting and associated works to ensure the woodland is created on time and on budget. 

Relevant projects:
Woodland design

Grants and legislation

At RTS Forestry, we are involved on a daily basis in the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP). While the scheme is complex, and can appear administratively cumbersome, advantageous grants for new planting and woodland management are available. RTS Forestry acts for a number of clients across Scotland and have been able to access these central funds to deliver woodland improvement operations.

Through experience gained in designing and achieving approval for woodland grant support, RTS Forestry is well placed to deliver fully funded income generating woodland creation schemes.

We will guide you to a successful outcome

In addition to the grant schemes, a large volume of complex legislation impacts on the forestry sector. This includes the access regulations, planning regulations and legislation concerning working within designated sites. With considerable experience in all of the above situations, RTS Forestry can guide clients through the bureaucracy to a successful outcome.

Once grant support has been secured, the RTS Forestry contracting team can deliver the woodland creation to an agreed budget and timeline.

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